Southern Wisconsin's Boating Headquarters on Lake Koshkonong
Harbor Recreation

Harbor Recreation is located on Rock River and Lake Koshkonong.

             Rates for Basic Services Provided by Harbor Recreation 

SHRINK WRAPPING  (Price includes support structure, shrink film, mildew preventative and labor)

Boats: 16' $225    18' $250     20' $280     22' $305     24' $334     26' $360      28' $385

Pontoons 8.5" wide: $ 15.00 per Foot

BOAT HAULING (by land)

Pontoons: pull out/load trailer/haul to site $115

Boats/Pontoons on trailer:haul to site: $ 95 (within Lake Koshkonong area only, difficult site locations will be assessed accordingly)


Ramp Pass Season Ramp Pass: $ 50

Daily Ramp Pass:* $ 5 *April, May, June & July Weekdays only. No Parking available on  weekends in spring & early summer for daily ramp customers. 


Shop Labor Rate: $95/hr

Barge Labor Rate: $195/hr

Barge Labor/Recovery: $325/hr

Towing Labor: (1 Person,boat) $150/hr


Pontoon Tubes: $150

Boat Hulls: $ 150 (subj.to adj. for size.)

Carpets: $150

Upholstery: $100

*Pressure wash cleaning only, no acid cleaning available)

HOIST SERVICE/HAULING *subject to fuel surcharge

Fall pickup/ Winter Storage/Spring Delivery Service for Hoists: 

     Zone 1: $325      Zone 2: $350      Zone 3: $415      Zone 4: $490      Zone 5: $550

*All Prices and Services subject to change without notice. We accept MasterCard, Visa & Discover Cards.

We do not accept credit card payments for purchases over $2,000.